Why ODA Global?

About US

ODA Global is a minority- and woman-owned management consulting firm that provides full-cycle human resource services. We use an innovative framework of blended technological and behavioral approaches to achieve your desired results. We work with clients ranging from start-ups to large enterprise organizations and tailor our services to each unique business environment. 

01. Mission

Engaging and Empowering Human Capital.

02. Vision

To create an inclusive workplace where every person has the opportunity to achieve his/her fullest potential and participate in and make a meaningful contribution.

03. Values

Integrity, Competency, Equity, Service.

Getting HR Right Is No Small Task!

Why a High-engagement Culture Matters

  • 21% Higher Profits
  • Engaged employees outperform those without by more than 200%

Hiring and onboarding

  • 43% of respondents to Glass Door said they made a bad hire because they felt they needed to hire someone quickly. More than 1 in 5 respondents (22%) said they lacked the skills to interview and hire people effectively.
  • According to the U.S. Department of Labor, the price of a bad hire is at least 30% of the employee’s first-year earnings. For a small company, a five-figure investment in the wrong person is a threat to the business.
  • When Instagram was bought for $1 billion by Facebook in 2013, it had just 13 employees. You can understand, then, how essential it is for startups to hire home-run employees.
  • Only 12% of employees strongly agree their company does a good job of onboarding new employees which reveals there’s a major let down after the recruitment phase is over.

Performance managment

  • 21% of employees strongly agree their performance is managed in a way that motivates them to do outstanding work.


  • 22% of employees strongly agree the leadership of their organization has a clear direction for the organization.
  • 15% of employees strongly agree the leadership of their organization makes them enthusiastic about the future.

But these numbers can improve with leaders’ renewed commitment to their employees.

(Figures according to Gallup)


Higher Profits From Engaged Employees


Bad Hire Resulting from rushed hiring process


employees motivated to do outstanding work

Download ODA’s Capabilities Statement

Learn more about ODA Global’s capabilities, services and clients by downloading our current ODA Global Capabilities Statement.

Our Team

Zewud Debebe

Chief Executive Officer

Zewud Debebe has more than 25 years of experience developing and executing programs for clients that improve operational and employee effectiveness and success. She has an extensive background in policy and strategy development that unites regulatory compliance with best practices in human capital management. Her services include full human resources management architecture — including employee and management development,  diversity and inclusion and engagement, mentoring, performance management and discipline, full-cycle recruiting, employee relations, training and corporate policy/procedures.

Ms. Debebe supports companies through merger and acquisition lifecycles from due diligence to integration planning and realization of synergies. Her ability to develop and lead efficient, effective HR programs and operations, including international HR practices, along with her ability to translate executive vision into tactical, executable plans ensure results and stakeholder value. She works successfully in complex environments and leads cross-functional, multisite, collaborative initiatives across all levels of an organization. Ms. Debebe is a trusted advisor and collaborative business partner to top-level leaders in government contracting, nonprofit organizations and manufacturing industries.

Ms. Debebe holds a BA in Economics and an master’s degree in General Administration/Human Resources. She maintains memberships in various HR-focused professional associations and has served on boards of nonprofit organizations. She is cofounder of ODA Global and has held executive-level positions at Social Solutions International, Danya International as well as HR management positions at Koba & Associates and Gannett.

David Sherry


David Sherry has held executive-level positions with multiple Fortune 100 companies where he led strategic business units and oversaw a broad range of business functions, including operations, finance, administration and business development. Mr. Sherry has extensive experience in leading diverse groups to achieve strategic organizational goals and objectives. He has become a trusted business advisor to small and emerging businesses and has served as mentor and coach to executive and mid-management-level staff. Mr. Sherry’s work includes both domestic and international engagements, with experience in Europe, China, East Africa and U.S. government contracting. 

Mr. Sherry holds a BA and master’s in Administration and has served on the boards of both nonprofit and for-profit organizations. Before cofounding ODA Global in 2011, Mr. Sherry was employed by Raytheon, Hughes Aircraft, Litton Industries, MEDTAP International and Danya International.

Wendy Luke

Senior Consultant

Wendy Luke creates healthy organizations through mentoring and coaching of C-suite leadership, mid-level managers and individual performers. She implements long-term solutions that place knowledgeable talent in the right assignments where they execute exceptionally. Ms. Luke’s career includes leading human resources organizations, driving change in multimillion-dollar corporations and serving as a key member of leadership teams to achieve complex organizational goals. She consults with diverse public and private organizations across industries and market segments, including the Smithsonian Institution, Northrop Grumman Corporation, Verizon, International Spy Museum, National Children’s Museum, Catholic Charities USA, Institute for Social and Economic Development, UnidosUS (formerly National Council of La Raza), Garden Club of America, National Conference of State Historic Preservation Officers, National Museum of the United States Army and the Northern Virginia Association of Realtors. 

Ms. Luke cofounded Weil & Associates and is a subject matter expert on Human Resources management issues and strategies for the American Society for Association Executives, Johns Hopkins University, George Washington University, the American Association of Museums, ArtTable and others. She serves on various educational and national for- and nonprofit organization boards.

Gelaye Debebe, Ph.D.

Senior Consultant

Gelaye Debebe is an Associate Professor of Organizational Sciences at George Washington University. She also serves as Faculty Affiliate at the Center for Gender in Organizations at the Simmons Graduate School of Management and the George Washington University Women’s Studies Program. Her research is concerned with how people learn individually and jointly in the face of potentially inhibiting social norms and inequalities. She has explored this question in the context of how individuals representing culturally dissimilar and unequal groups achieve coordination in their interactions, how women learn and develop as leaders in the context of limiting societal gender norms and how individuals successfully craft talent trajectories in the context of social identity ascription. Among other publications, her work has appeared in Research in Organizational Behavior, Journal of Management Education, Advancing Women in Leadership Journal, International Journal of Intercultural Relations, Human Resources Development International, Cogent Business and Management as well as Development in Practice. She is also the author of two books: Navigating Power: Cross-cultural Competence in Navajoland (Lexington Books) and Women’s Leadership Development: Caring Environments and Paths to Transformation (Routledge).

Ms. Debebe holds a BS in Government and Politics from the University of Maryland, an MS in Human Resource Development from American University and a PhD in Organizational Behavior from the University of Michigan.

Our Expertise in Government Contracting

ODA Global’s clients include Fortune 100 companies, associations, nonprofits and educational institutions. We serve government agencies and private sector companies in the United States and Africa.

We offer unique expertise and experience tailored to meet your individual needs. 

  • We bring a strategic mix of industry veterans and bright new talent, including former government/contractor industry executives.
  • Market trends and developments matter when developing benefits and compensation plans — we benchmark against relevant industries to ensure competitiveness, cost effectiveness and value.
  • Our track record of successful staffing and recruiting of top talent, both domestically and internationally, has been proven time and again.
  • We leverage technology to deliver time-saving, high-impact solutions designed around your business needs.
  • Our audit services independently assess every aspect of your business for compliance with federal, state and local regulations — we also audit for efficiencies of processes and utilization of best practices.
  • Employee performance management and reward strategies improve performance and ultimately motivate and retain employees — while aligning around your company’s strategic objectives, vision, mission and values.
  • Handbooks, policies and procedures align with your corporate culture and business goals while ensuring compliance with relevant guidelines and regulations.
  • Customer-focused business processes must also be effective and efficient — How else do you ensure success for your business?
  • Our diversity programs and solutions apply to staffing opportunities and address multiculturalism.
  • Good managers inspire and motivate staff. Our tools help them effectively address employee relations issues, handle complaints and resolve disputes while maintaining employee morale and mitigating risk to your company.
  • Our on-site training programs are designed to increase employee knowledge and address employee training and development requirements.
  • Certified coaches provide leadership development coaching — individually or in groups.

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